about Robin

Born in Ottawa and raised on Canada’s west coast, Robin Riopelle’s life has been marked by adoption, separation, and reunion. Like many of her characters, she has a muddy past and a foot in (at least) two different worlds. She’s always had interesting work in museums and social service agencies. Some things she has done while collecting a paycheque:

Photo: Lizz Sisson

Photo: Lizz Sisson

  • told unsuspecting people the whereabouts of a long-lost family member,
  • go-go danced in front of 700 people,
  • traipsed across a wind-whipped hospital rooftop with a nun,
  • and lost a frozen beaver head under a parked car.

Robin Riopelle is the author’s birthname. She currently lives on the border between French and English Canada with her criminologist husband, two seemingly delightful children, and an obstreperous spaniel. She is a great supporter of the Oxford comma.

In addition to writing fiction for adults, Riopelle also illustrates children’s books (as Elizabeth Todd Doyle). Deadroads is her first novel.