As many of you know, I spend part of my year being green. It’s not too much trouble, really. I just slap on the paint, and off I go. Usually this happens in the weeks leading up to Halloween, when witches abound, and I am called upon (like with Batman’s batsignal) to don the mouse-festooned colander and pink cowboy boots and go out to make the world safe for children’s lit.

All true. This past weekend, we were busy with kids at Lansdowne Park, part of the Winterlude proceedings (note: as this post is about marketing, let me say that the City of Ottawa/National Capital Commission are really trying hard to make a silk purse out of the sow’s ear that is Winter in Ottawa). Picture here is of us after the cavorting, and before the inevitable wine.

As an illustrator, and part owner of the small publishing house Little Witch Press, I know how to do that kind of marketing. Actually, my partner in crime, Susan, is a much better saleslady and I know I could take a page from her book. She always has books with her (in case the need for a children’s picture book become imminent) and is relentless about up-selling. Why buy one book when a 20-dollar bill with cover two?

She also finds the sale in conversations–whether you’re a teacher (or know a teacher, or know someone who knows a teacher), or a parent (or a grandparent, or someone who knows a grandparent), or have a business (what? Don’t you want to give-away a children’s picture book as a goodwill gesture to your clients?! What kind of cheap monster are you, anyway?). You see the trend.

Plus, she’s super-charming, knows everyone, and has an English accent. It all helps.