Oh, hey everyone. So, there’s this thing I wrote about adoption in fantasy and other literature that you can read over at Scalzi’s Big Idea. That made me pretty DARN happy, let me tell you. I agonized over it. Let my academic-former-reporter husband have at it, as well as my trusty Red Pen, Janice. So I think it reads pretty well. I feel this particular one pretty deeply, this adoption thing, and my ear is attuned to it. Sensitive, but in a good way.

And then, over in the WTF corner, we have FedEx and the Canadian Government, most particularly, Customs. Oh yes. Forget Fortress America. Welcome to Debbie Downer Canada, who feel that they ought to hold onto my 2 boxes of Deadroads just because. I’m to the point where I’m laughing about it, because really, what the hell else can I do? And FedEx, I’m not going to shoot the messenger, but do you think you might have alerted me on MONDAY, when the problem occurred, instead of 6 on Wednesday?

So the nice people at Customs will be reading Deadroads this weekend, not the nice folk at Ad Astra (likely). Customs is so much easier when I’m there in person, with Dr. Criminologist, who has trained all the ones that we see at the airport. We are greeted with hearty hellos and welcome back to Canada, Prof!

Well laid plans, and so forth.