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Ad Astra, or How I Learned to Love the Cosmos

Yes, yes. The books finally did make it. Funny, though, how your whole life passes before you when you’re in a life-or-death struggle. Or on the phone with That Guy From FedEx.

I played it cool, of course. I packed all the things necessary for a successful launch–that is, beer and cupcakes.

Oh wait, you say. What […]

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A Big Idea, and A Big Pain

Oh, hey everyone. So, there’s this thing I wrote about adoption in fantasy and other literature that you can read over at Scalzi’s Big Idea. That made me pretty DARN happy, let me tell you. I agonized over it. Let my academic-former-reporter husband have at it, as well as my trusty Red Pen, Janice. So […]

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Bookish Birthday, Yes?

If books can have birthdays, today is it. April Fools Day notwithstanding (ou poisson d’avril, si vous préférez), I believe today is the day when Deadroads hits the proverbial shelves. I say “believe” because, well. I don’t quite believe it, not really. It’s been so very long coming,  I feel as though Deadroads was written […]

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Guest Blog: It’s High Valyrian for “Culture”

I’m a little bit of a word nerd. It’s the way I was raised–Dad was all about the correct use of grammar. Use the word “hopefully” incorrectly and watch him wig out. Teaching English as a second language didn’t help me, either. Don’t get me started on less/fewer and uncountable nouns (less sugar, fewer teaspoons […]

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Interview and Giveaway

Just in case you missed it, but there’s a giveaway on Deadroads right now. Enter to win over at My Bookish Way’s blog (plus, read her interview, where I come off only slightly more coherent than Dennis Rodman’s babbleage in North Korea).

The giveaway is for those living in US parts, but never fear! I will […]

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Deadroads Launch at Ad Astra, April 5

Hey, all you folks going to Ad Astra! I know that you’re all going to be busy with the hard work of listening to the awesome guests, and the really useful and inspiring workshops and whatnot, but don’t you want to relax with a beer? Especially a really prettily illustrated hoppy one from Québec? Seriously. […]

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Deadroads Purportedly “In the Office”

Yep, that’s what my editor emailed me this morning, that there’s honest-to-god books in their office, sitting in boxes, stinking up the place with all their new-book smell (side note: can we buy such a thing from the fragrance aisle at Shopper’s Drug Mart? I might spritz that all over my body).

I should be seeing […]

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eBook is here

Finally, another reason to celebrate all things green. Well, okay, there are no leprechauns, only devils. And the cover is primarily blue, not green. However, eBooks can be considered green, can’t they?

After a long, long road, the eBook version of Deadroads has finally gone live. If I had an e-reader, I’d order one. Really, I’m […]

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Deadroads an “essential” read for 2014


Well, colour me dumbfounded. Science website io9 selected Deadroads an “essential” read for 2014. Luckily, the thing’s written, so I don’t have to worry about getting frozen like a deer in the headlights. But I do have to try and get this website up, which is not the most intuitive thing I’ve ever done.

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