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In Which I’m Scared of Imposters

A couple of years ago, starting out my fitfully tended blog, I haphazardly decided to frame it around the notion of “things I’m scared of”. Frankly, I’m scared of a startling number of things—some of which are clearly well-thought-out (hello, bears) and some are a bit tongue-in-cheek (William Shatner). The soil, it seemed, was fertile. […]

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It’s Easy, Being Green

As many of you know, I spend part of my year being green. It’s not too much trouble, really. I just slap on the paint, and off I go. Usually this happens in the weeks leading up to Halloween, when witches abound, and I am called upon (like with Batman’s batsignal) to don the mouse-festooned […]

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World Fantasy Con…no snow!

With reports of flurries this weekend in Ottawa, I thought it a good time to flee like a sookie wee baby. To DC, which though it knows snow, it will not be knowing snow this coming weekend. While at the Crystal City Hyatt, I will be reading, and making lively conversation at the Night Shade […]

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My Can-Con Schedule

Yup, it’s that time again…Can-Con 2014! Downtown Ottawa Sheraton, starting Friday night and going all weekend. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’m on a number of panels. Come watch me fumble answers! I’ll stare out into space à la Cindy Brady on the pseudo-Reach-for-the-Top episode!

It’ll be totally great. I can’t promise […]

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Canadian Writers Blog Tour

It’s a literary chain letter. Or an author-y ice bucket challenge (except without the donation or the ice). The Canadian Writers Blog Tour has officially touched down in my backyard, and I have Ranylt Richildis to thank for it.

Thanks, Ranylt.

Ranylt also wrote a whiz-bang response to the four questions I will attempt to answer below, […]

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A ficlet for Genny

Because I have spent the last several weeks getting my daughter, my eldest, ready for university in Montreal, I’ve spent a bit of time examining the strands of loss. Loss and pride. Of knowing a job has been well-done. That a job is, indeed, done. I wrote this tiny thing a number of years ago […]

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Film Debut

Geek Inked provides a much-needed service to naturally shy and retiring writers: capturing first readings on video and uploading them to YouTube for all to see. I will warn you: I have not watched this. But I encourage you to, mostly because other readers that night, Karen Dudley and Scott Fotheringham (both of whom give […]

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…there will be fairy dust

It’s officially summer, here in the world’s coldest capital, and that means only one thing. Just as the weather gets bearable, I go somewhere else. In this case, sunny Ireland. My sister-in-law, who has proceeded us in securing an Irish beach head for our impromptu family reunion, puts it thusly in a rather panicky email:

“My […]

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In Which I Name-Drop Gary Bettman

Oh, okay. I don’t really know the NHL commissioner. But I do know how to name-drop, so I did during a guest post gig just up at Adventures in SciFi Publishing. I was talking about how in Deadroads, Baz makes a deal with a devil not unlike how in the NHL draft, team owners sometimes […]

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I’m talking. Again.

Or maybe I should make that, still.

You know when you have that dream where you’re just talking and talking and you can’t shut up? No? (This reminds me of the time when I was explaining a dream I’d had to my admittedly straighter-laced co-workers, and I said, “You know, that dream where you dream you’re […]

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